Saturday, August 20, 2011

Read Wasted for FREE!

If you wish to read WASTED right now through a website, just CLICK HERE.

As far as this website is concerned, WASTED has always been free to read online. Don't be scammed by lazy scumbags selling unauthorized digital copies. But aside from the link above, there are now many other ways to read WASTED for free!

EPUB File. Read using ePub (for iPads).
PDF File. Read using a PDF reader like Acrobat.
CBR File. Read using a Comic Book Reader like this one.
MOBI file. Read using Kindle.
HTML. Read this on the WebcomicsNation Website. This includes my commentary on each page!
SPECIAL ELECTRONIC EDITION. Includes CBR and PDF Files. Also includes notes from the author in RTF as well as a video introduction by me! (Windows Media Video).
TORRENT FILE. Download using your torrent download program. (Oh right SURE, you don't have one!). Includes the Special Electronic Edition.

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Tobie said...

How'd you get the torrent to work? I tried uploading my comic dati sa Demonoid at Piratebay, but it wasn't working.


Gerry Alanguilan said...

Hey Tobie.. I uploaded via isohunt. Of course I had to seed the file myself for a while and just kept my computer and connection on for a few days. I only stopped seeding when noone was leeched for a few days. When I went offline, nobody seeded so it's pretty much gone.

Fats said...

You are all sorts of awesome for doing this, Mr. Alanguilan. I was directed here by your tweet, BTW. I first came across your work when I found Eugene online around three years ago (though I forget how I ended up on that page) and it communicated so much. My roommates and I are fans. We hope you and fellow artists come to Cebu again. More power to you. :)